Wedding Album Example

   Most photographers can get a great shot here and there at a wedding, but seeing a complete album start to finish shows that they can handle multiple lighting conditions and needs.  
   This particular wedding included multiple lighting situations.  Indoor at the church with the appropriate studio type lighting, outdoors with additional lighting provided, fully natural lighting, outdoor natural lighting combined with flash on the move, and lighting in an outdoor pavilion after dark.  Each presenting its own challenges and requiring specific equipment.
   Knowing how to handle, and being prepared for each situation that may present itself is very important when you're on location at a wedding.  That comes with years of experience and training. 
   There are multiple new photographers who work for less than I do. And they may have an impressive portfolio showing bits and peices from multiple weddings. Seeing one from start to finish is the way to really find out what they can do. Especially when running back to the studio isn't an option. (Did I mention this wedding was in Arkansas? With a 2nd Reception back here in Nebraska?)

Bob Alberts
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